Hidden Gem: Gaffney, SC

Gaffney, South Carolina is also known as the Peach Capitol of South Carolina, this “Peachoid” you see in the picture is the main attraction. We released Della at this water tower park where she roamed and sniffed, not paying attention to the gigantic peach rear-end over her. It is a nice attraction but…the peach stem below the line should not have been made if you know what I mean…. Still, the orange color is pretty in the blue sky and the green leaf is cute. The Peachoid is right next to one of the popular restaurants in town called Fatz Cafe. Nearby is the Cowpens National Battlefield.

Cowpens National Battlefield

Cowpens National Battlefield was a battlefield of the Revolutionary War. I knew nothing about this one-hour battle here at Cowpens where Daniel Morgan used his military skills to trap the British army in an open forest, enabling his sharpshooters to kill the enemy. And there is an amazing story about a young black servant rushing to save the life of General William Washington, as you see the sign of the painted scene with its story. Note the servant on the left aiming his pistol at the British soldiers. The major victory of the Americans occurred here on this battlefield, just for one hour on January 17, 1781, and led to the end of the Revolutionary War in Yorktown. We took in all the beautiful scenes of this open forest battlefield and walked five miles on trails, along with Della who sniffed the tracks of nocturnal animals such as deer and bears. And spoke with the camp hosts who told us that South Carolina had more battles than any other states during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. I guess it was because this state stood in the middle of everything!